Workshops and tutorials will take place on Thursday and Friday (June 27th & 28th, 2013).
They will commence at 09:00 and end at 17:30.
They will take place in the MAR building of the TU Berlin. The address is Marchstraße 23, 10587 Berlin.






01 Aerial Mobile Manipulation Richard Voyles, 
Vijay Kumar
June 27th

02 Sensitive Robotics Eduardo Torres-Jara,
Paul Fitzpatrick,
Giorgio Metta,
Lorenzo Natale
June 27th

03 Workshop on Common Platforms in Robotic Manipulation Lael Odhner,
Matei Ciocarlie,
Alberto Rodriguez,
Aaron Dollar,
Matt Mason
June 27th 0.010

04 4th Workshop on Formal Methods for Robotics and Automation Hadas Kress-Gazit,
Lydia Kavraki
June 27th 0.015

05 Inverse Optimal Control & Robot Learning from Demonstration Byron Boots,
Tim Bretl,
Katja Mombaur,
Brian Ziebart
June 27th 0.016

06 Robotics Challenges and Vision Workshop Hamidreza Chitsaz,
Moslem Kazemi
June 27th 0.007

07 4th Workshop on RGB-D: Advanced Reasoning with Depth Cameras Ashutosh Saxena,
Hema Koppula,
Richard Newcombe,
Xiaofeng Ren
June 27th 0.002

08 2nd Workshop on Robots in Clutter: Preparing Robots for the Real World Michael Zillich,
Maren Bennewitz,
Maria Fox,
Justus Piater,
Dejan Pangercic
June 27th 0.001

09 Active Learning in Robotics: Exploration, Curiosity, and Interaction Manuel Lopes,
Marc Toussaint,
Luis Montesano
June 27th 0.011

10 From Experience to Concepts and Back Tamim Asfour,
Tom Henderson,
Mike Stilman
June 27th 0.017

11 Combined Robot Motion Planning and AI Planning for Practical Applications Erion Plaku,
Kris Hauser,
Esra Erdem
June 27th 0.008

12 Proposals for Experimental Protocols for Robotics Research Fabio Bonsignorio,
Angel P. del Pobil,
John Hallam
June 27th

13 Robot Design and Control: Advanced Robot Motion Surya Singh,
Russ Tedrake
June 27th

14 Robotic Exploration, Monitoring, and Information Collection: Nonparametric Modeling, Information-based Control, and Planning under Uncertainty Geoffrey Hollinger,
Sertac Karaman,
Fabio Ramos,
Mac Schwager,
Cyrill Stachniss,
Claire Tomlin,
Michael Vitus,
Stefan Williams
June 27th—28th 4.064

15 Workshop on Multi-View Geometry in Robotics Vadim Indelman,
Frank Dellaert
June 28th

16 Resource-Efficient Integration of Perception, Control and Navigation for Micro Air Vehicles Darius Burschka,
Michael Suppa,
Roland Siegwart,
Korbinian Schmid,
Markus Achtelik
June 28th 0.001

17 Hierarchical and Structured Learning for Robotics Gerhard Neumann,
George Konidaris,
Freek Stulp,
Jan Peters
June 28th 0.002

18 Programming with Constraints: Combining High-Level Action Specification and Low-Level Motion Execution Gianni Borghesan,
Michael Beetz,
Luis Sentis,
Sami Haddadin,
Georg Bartels
June 28th 0.007

19 Towards Active Lower Limb Prosthetic Systems: Design Issues and Solutions Philipp Beckerle,
Oliver Christ,
Janis Wojtusch,
Andre Seyfarth,
Urs Schneider
June 28th 0.008

20 Robotics for Environmental Monitoring Ryan N. Smith,
Matthew Dunbabin,
Volkan Isler,
Lino Marques,
John Leonard
June 28th

21 Manipulation with Uncertain Models Dov Katz,
Megha Gupta,
Jenny Barry,
Clemens Eppner,
Mehmet Dogar
June 28th 0.011

22 Human Robot Collaboration James Boerkoel,
Anca Dragan,
Scott Niekum,
Sachin Chitta
June 28th 0.016

23 What did we learn from the simulation phase of the DARPA Robotics Challenge? Emo Todorov,
Chris Atkeson,
Stefan Schaal,
Jerry Pratt
June 28th 0.017

24 Scientific and Structural Achievements from Academia-Industry Projects in ECHORD Florian Röhrbein,
Sascha Griffiths,
Alois Knoll
June 28th